-Quality Management Decision Support for Quality Improvement

AHL 825-Quality Management Decision Support for Quality Improvement Paper

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1. Define decision support, its importance and why it is difficult to implement in the selected case study.
2. Give examples of the benefits and shortfalls of alerts and clinical reminders in the case study.
3. Use the “5 rights” of Clinical Decision Support for recommendations related to the case study.
Proper citations to online or library sources is expected. Spelling and Grammar are graded. Submissions will be
accepted online through WebCT only. There is no minimum or maximum word count/page length expectation;
rather students should answer the questions fully and succinctly.
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Case Study 2
A patient may come to the ED with clear diagnosis of a major event (heart attack) that requires immediate transfer
to the cardiac intensive care unit (CICU). The cardiac care team has specific protocols for different cardiac
diagnoses that depend on rapid evaluation and diagnosis in the ED, timely communication to the cardiac care team
and coordination of care (diagnostic testing, interventions) and transfer of the patient to the CICU


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