Quality Improvment project

Quality Improvment project

Order Description

1.Articulates leadership role of APN and differentiates from skilled practitioner

2.Patient-centered conceptualization
of setting that encompasses complex relationships and intersections between practice sites

3.Abstract definition of target population in practice with unmet
needs using characteristics that
make them complex

4.Articulates multi-system problem
relevant to the target population and setting that focuses on some aspect of IHI’s Triple Aim

5.Clear writing and grammar, Uses
appropriate APA citation style
including parenthetical citation and
reference list

You are an APN who has been working in your target setting for approximately 6 months.   You have identified a quality issue in your work setting and it is a problem that you strongly feel needs to change.  At the end of the semester, you will be proposing a quality improvement project overview and business plan that is targeted on the problem (Reducing the rate of patient falls by improving the quality of care) and the intervention (Educational Program to the health care providers) that you have identified.   You will be presenting to the executive board at your target setting.  You will have 10-15 minutes to provide evidence and a compelling argument for your plan.  You have finally been invited to present and you have until December to develop a quality plan.
Initiating your project
These areas are the focus of your assignment. The assignment should be succinct and no more than 3 pages (excluding the references).  It can be single spaced but each section must be clearly defined.

1.    APN role-Describe your planned practice setting after graduation and what your anticipated role will be.  Describe how your DNP role differs from other skilled practitioners such as (NP, CRNA, CNS).  Be certain to use the MS Leadership Essentials as your guide.  (MY plan after graduation will be a nursing faculty in the University and a nursing leadership and consultant at the hospital)

2.    Setting-Using systems thinking, consider all of the subsystems that the patient experiences during any episode of care.  This would include the spectrum from entering to exiting the care episode.  Consider all of the intersects and relationships needed to provide quality care.  After a broad consideration, narrow your focus to the setting you have chosen and identify those systems.  (The setting will be Asir Central Hospital the Medical ward with 47 beds however please consider all of the subsystems that the patient experiences during any episode of care..etc)

3.    Target population-Describe the target population(s) that you will serve.  What are their characteristics?  What challenges do you anticipate in providing care?  Who will be the most complex and what are the gaps for this population?  For example, are they elderly? Do they have cognitive impairment?  Do they have co morbidities?  What knowledge will you need to best represent their needs and care?  (Target Population For example will be elderly more than 60s and having co morbidities also are staying in the hospital for more that 2 weeks)

4.    Identify the problem you have selected.Initiate the beginning of this section to state:

The specific aim of this project is to improve patient falling ratesfor  ______________ target population in Asir Central Hospital setting by Educational program targeting the health care providers(proposed intervention)

5.    You must use proper APA format for both in text citations and references.  It is important to learn proper format as it can be the difference between having a publication be considered or turned down in your future career.
6.    The expectations are to reduce the rate of falls by 3 falls. Discuss The cost of the intervention VS the cost of the length of stay if the falling occurs.

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