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These 5 questions needs to be answered in complete sentence. Teacher Is looking for CONTENT,grammars, spelling and readability. The length should only be what is necessary for you to accurately convey your feelings and ideas about what you have learned. I need objectives (maybe 3-4 sentences) 1. The thing I found most interesting was…..because 2. The thing I found most difficult to grasp was….because 3. The thing that surprised me most was…..because 4. The reason that I need to know this to work in reprocessing is…….because 5. If I were to explain to a friend how my learning is progressing, I would say….because.. These 5question needs to be on the essay answering incomplete sentence: same as the other assignements ALSO, Can you please write at the end your own words: basically I want to say that I have one more test to go until I finish the course. Hoping i will past this test.!The past two test I almost by 70%..Write something thanking all the teacher saying I learned so much for this program. (medical device reprocessing) writer, Can you just write something positive that teacher will blow her mind ?

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