Quality Analysis – (Any Aviation organization

Quality Analysis – (Any Aviation organization)

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The Group Project will involve an analysis of quality in the real world at an outside organization,
and is to be completed as a team effort. You may choose any organization, as long as it is
practicing quality or planning to launch a quality initiative. You can also choose an organization
that does not have experience with quality. Then, you will have to develop a quality plan for the
In the introduction, explain your research question/argument or the problem you will be dealing
with. Next, describe the research setting and the quality initiative (chapter II). Then, analyze the
situation (chapter III). This analysis is guided by the research focus you have established in the
introduction. A section outlining your findings (Chapter IV), conclusions and recommendations
should end the paper. To improve your paper, use the literature on quality to support your
arguments; provide a reference list; and if appendices are provided, integrate them with the
The entire team will submit one written Project Report. The format of the written Project Report
will use APA-style tables, figures and references. The Project Report will have the following
Title Page
Table of Contents
Lists of Tables (If Appropriate)
List of Figures (If Appropriate)
Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – Description of research setting and the quality initiative
Chapter III – Analysis
Chapter IV – Outlining Findings
Chapter V – Summary and Recommendations
References (Make sure provide references and data to prove the real life problem)
Appendixes (If Appropriate)
The team will also be required to submit a PowerPoint type of presentation. Use graphs in the
presentation, wherever applicable. Keep your presentations simple and understandable, but
make sure you get your “point” across. Your final recommendations should tie together the
various parts of the study in simple and easily understood language. The presentation will be
graded for both delivery method and for content.
All team members should concur on the written Project Report and it should be accompanied by
a letter of transmittal. Everyone on the team will receive the same grade for the Group Project.
This project will comprise 20% percent of your grade.

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