Qualitative and quantitative research design

This assessment requires a mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) research design to address the Is any publicity good publicity? case, which has been uploaded to Blackboard.

Your research design should not be written as an academic essay, but in a business style as if you were a marketing research firm pitching for this contract. However, you must still reference the sources used to justify your assertions. Another researcher should be able to follow quite specific steps in your research plan to collect the required data to address the research question. Use 1.5 line spacing, and either ARIAL or TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 point font.

Provide a title page including your name and student number. Your research design should be structured as follows:

1.In your own words, outline the management decision problem (MDP) in one sentence, and provide a one paragraph rationale using only the information provided in the case. Outline the market research question (MRQ), and provide a brief rationale that references the literature. Reference the definition for any construct included in the MRQ. List two research objectives that address the construct of interest in the MRQ.

2.Describe your proposed research methodology, utilising mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative), to address the research objectives. Be clear about how each objective is being addressed by each method. Describe your proposed sampling and data collection procedures. Indicate the data analysis techniques, for both your qualitative and quantitative stages.

3.Provide a one-page sample of a data collection instrument, such as a focus group moderator’s guide or your questionnaire items. You do not need to prepare an entire questionnaire. The questions recommended should clearly address a research objective.

4.Briefly acknowledge any limitations of your research design.

To reiterate, another researcher should be able to easily follow the specific steps in your research design to obtain the necessary information to address the MDP/MRQ.

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