Qatar Syndicate Practitioner Corporate Award

Qatar Syndicate Practitioner Corporate Award

This assignment requires you to answer all the following questions. Your assignment must be approximately 3000 words in length.
1.    You have been asked to explain category management to a group of engineers in your organisation.  Prepare a short 15 minute presentation on this topic.  Your presentation should show how category management differs from buying when the need arises, how it can deliver value that could not otherwise be obtained, and an overview of what is involved.   Your answer should include a copy of your slides and a description of how they would be presented, with reference to examples and explanations you would present verbally.

You will not get marks for including material that was presented in the module

(30 marks)

2.    On module 2 we said that sourcing is not the only category strategy – there are options other than going to the market and selecting a new supplier.  Give three examples of categories used in your company that use – or could use – a non-sourcing approach to improve value of performance.  Each example should use a different approach, and your answer should use the example to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the approach.

(18 marks)

3.    For a category that you are familiar with, demonstrate how the techniques of strategic analysis (“Innovate” Stage) presented in the module influence the category strategy.  Give four examples of different types of analysis and show how an insight learned in each analysis influenced the strategy.  You are not expected to show a complete strategic analysis.

If your company does not use category management, take a category that you know and answer the question as it could be.  Again we are not looking for a complete analysis, just four different examples of how insight from an analysis technique links to part of the category strategy.

(40 marks)

4.    “A new supply framework contract only delivers theoretical value, without good management this value is unlikely to be realised”.  Describe three reasons why the performance of a new supplier can fail to reach expectations, and for each give an action that can reduce the risk of such failure.


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