Pyloric Stenosis


A three-month-old baby boy comes into your clinic with the main complaint that he frequently vomits after eating. He often has a swollen upper belly after feeding and acts fussy all the time. According to his parents, the vomiting has become more frequent this past week and he is beginning to lose weight. After careful history taking, a thorough physical exam and diagnostic work-up, the patient is diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. 1. What is the etiology of pyloric stenosis? 2. Describe in detail the pathophysiological process of pyloric stenosis. 3. Identify hallmark signs identified from the physical exam and presenting symptoms. What diagnostic tests would help to confirm the diagnosis of pyloric stenosis? 4. Describe the pathophysiology of complications of pyloric stenosis. 5. What teaching would you provide this patient/parents regarding pyloric stenosis? In addition to the textbook, utilize at least one peer-reviewed, evidence based resource to develop your post. Housekeeping: Please and please ensure you answer every question given in this instruction. Ensure the paper is in-line with the guidelines and grading rubric Don’t forget to include scholarly reference(s) to support your information–not a textbook The scholarly references must be current peer-reviewed articles less than five (5) years between years 2013-2018. Clearly state how the evidence informed or changed professional or academic decisions Ensure you include the doi or url of the reference used Also note that this assignment will go through the school turnitin, hence its originality is highly essential. Attached are the assignment-grading-rubric, and lesson note. Note: Textbook used in class is – McCance, K. L., Huether, S. E., Brashers, V. L., & Rote, N. S. (2013). Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

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