Pychodiagnostic Evaluation – Part V Test Results and Interpretations

Pychodiagnostic Evaluation – Part V Test Results and Interpretations

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It’s very important that the instructions are followed specifically so please do so in a timely manner. This is a 2 page single space paper that requires concise writing and analyzing the three pictures I have attached accorded to the Ogden House-Tree-Person attachment titled section IV Projective drawings and the MMPI-2 Minnesotal Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 profile where you are only going to decribe two points which is scale 4 and scale 6 where the T scales are 73 and 74 so you have llook up what that means on the attachment titled MMPI-2 write up on pages 2 and three and also refer to the book- Groth-Marnat, G. (2009). Handbook of Psychological Assessment (5th ed.). John
Wiley & Sons, Inc. Go to page 273 and much of the verbage you need to speak to starts there…. IF you look at the sample paper attachment titled psychondiagnostic evaluation you are only responsibvle for writing the section 5 part. If you noticed in parenthesis is where the information comes from. So when you look at the pictures and make note for example the there is a chimney you would speak on that in the paper…refer to Ogden house tree person… but the information about it is on page 92 of thae attachment so you would expolain what drawing that in the picture means which suggests satisfactory adjusting. You need to analyze all three pictures that include the house the tree and the person…. like I said the book and the ogden attachment helps you critique them and then for the MMPI 2 it is alot simpler y9ou just need to spek to the two sacles 4 and 6 the answers for the write up are in the attachment and the book. Please be sure you go to the book to get additional clarification. YOu will name the client CH and speak to:

Cognitive Functioning
Sense of Self

Interpersonal Functining

Coping style

Affective Functioning

YOu are only using two batteries the House- Tree- Person (HTP) and the MMPI-2 Minnesotal Multiphasic Personality INventiory 2… Please be sure to spell each out when they are first mentioned and then you can abbreviate throughout the rest of the essay.

ALso please get a writer that is family with Marriage and family therapy and testing tools. BNecauae the person that writes this must know how to review data and profile and write a report in the counseling psychology arena. thanks for eading all the details.

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