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Puplic Policy

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In relation to your policy case study provide an 800 word written response which answers all of the following questions: –

• Question 1. What’s the ‘problem’ represented to be in your case study?;

• Question 2. What assumptions underpin this/these representation/s of the ‘problem’?; and

• Question 3. How have this/these representation/s of the ‘problem’ come about?
You are required to analyse your policy case study by providing written answers (approximately 270 words each) to the first three questions from Bacchi’s (WTP) approach.

Your work will be assessed on the extent to which you have: –

• Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) how the policy problem has been represented;

• Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) the assumptions which underpin the problem representation;

• Accurately identified and justified (with evidence) how the problem representation has come about; and

• Presented your findings in accordance with the conventions of good academic writing, structure and referencing.

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