Puma is an ethical company

Puma is an ethical company

Critically evaluate Puma’s corporate ethical values. Do you think Puma is an ethical company? Using your ethical knowledge (theories) explain your answer with examples.

This is group assignment, my part is highlighted with yellow. Please do not do introduction and conclusion. Jut the part that are highlighted.

–    I’ve attached one research paper, and one link .They should be looked at, they are relevant to my essay and I have to refer to them in term of theory.  Special the kering code of ethic ,, which is Puma ‘s code of Ethic



–    If you have less reference it is ok as long as every statement you put is referenced.

–    Conduct independent research on material relevant to assignment topic
–    Develop an argument in your essay and justify your answer with example
–    Define and explain key term if necessary
–    Present a logical, clearly expressed and accurately referenced written essay.

1.    Do we think Puma is an ethical company? Use ethical knowledge (theories) to explain with examples:
– Corporate governance
– Stakeholder theory
– Legitimacy theory

– still presence of sweat shops
– compare 2008 to 2012 Sustainability Reports
– We believe Puma is an ethical company:
– it takes time to change business practices;
– Puma is currently making the effort to change;
– it was considered ‘ethical’ in the past when the practices first began.

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