Public- Private Partnerships – Examples in New York

According to investopedia, a Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) involve collaborations between a government agency and a private sector or nonprofit company that can be used to finance, build and operate projects such as public transportation networks, parks and convention centers. The public partner is usually represented by the government at a local, state and/or national level. Advantages to the public partner usually include:

•Smaller investments
•Savings to the budget
•Transfer of new technologies
•Sharing the risk
•Guarantee of the service for a longer term

The disadvantages to the PPPs include:

•Limited influence of public authority over the investment
•Increase of the prices charged to the users of the infrastructure
•Reduction of the bargaining position of public authorities
•High transaction cost
•Poorer quality of the services
•Limited accessibility to the services
•Financial risk for public partner
•Decrease of employment in the public sector
•Political risk for private partner
•Insufficient public oversight

Now, based on your knowledge of PPPs, please provide me with three examples of PPPs that are in existence in NYC and/or New York State.

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