Task: This assignment is not exactly either an essay or a case study.  The best way to address it is to answer each question separately.  The first part is a small essay on breastfeeding inequities, but using the HEAT questions to guide it. The next parts are sort of case studies in that you refer to actual settings/ initiatives in NZ, but answer them as the question asks and use the HEAT templates (I will upload a file about it).  You can use the actual template or you can just refer to the sections in it- either ways is OK.
Assignment: (the underlining words have more detailed in a separate file)
The National Strategic Plan of Action for Breastfeeding 2008-2012 sets out a framework to support the establishment of a breastfeeding culture in New Zealand. The Plan is underpinned by the Ottawa Charter and sets out desired objectives and outcomes for support at family/whanau, community, regional and national levels.
1.    Using the Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT) identify and discuss what inequalities exist in relation to targets for full and exclusive breastfeeding. Use the HEAT tool (steps 1-3) to guide your answer. ( I will upload a file about HEAT tool)
2.    In a setting of your choice, describe and critique policies and practices that may create, maintain, increase or decrease inequalities associated with breastfeeding.
(focus on one setting) Read about settings in the first section of the study notes ( I will upload it in another word file). You may want to choose a setting that was mentioned in section 1, but not necessary
3.    In this same setting propose additional interventions that will:
a.    Reduce inequalities.  Distribute the cause of inequalities across the four levels of the intervention framework. Use the Heat tool, template for step 4, to discuss possible ways to intervene to reduce these inequalities.
b.    Address needs of Maori by considering the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori models of health (I will upload it).
4.    Choose one breastfeeding promotion intervention currently active in this setting (an actual activity that is taking place in NZ, in the setting you chose for the previous questions.  It could be a national activity or it could be something in one location, e.g. you could find out what is happening in your local community).
a.    Briefly describe the intervention
b.    Use Heat tool steps 6-8 to evaluate the activity.  Refer to any data available.
c.    Based on the evaluation suggest ways it could better help reduce inequalities (step 9).
d.    Describe how the intervention could actually be evaluated (step 10).
This assignment is both practical application and an academic exercise.  The main focus is in the application of the HEAT tool and exploring inequality.  As an academic exercise you will need to refer to the literature to support your statements, for example, if you suggest a specific type of workforce policy promotes breastfeeding cite evidence to support this. Length 7- 10 (max) pages.

•    Identification and discussion of inequalities related to breastfeeding target.
•    Critique policies and policies impact on inequalities; show understanding of a settings-based approach to health promotion (focus on one setting).
•    Propose interventions to address inequalities (Possible intervention in that setting. Multiple foci/ strategies.
•    Existing breastfeeding promotion activity in NZ
–    Describe breastfeeding intervention (use Logic Model)
–    Review and evaluate using HEAT (Evaluation of intervention using HEAT (steps 6-10))
?    Use exiting data, literature on effective ways to promote breastfeeding, brain storm (based on your knowledge), identify who /how you would consult and /or other data you would collect.
?    References & presentation
?    when the assignment refers to the ‘steps’ of HEAT this means the ‘questions’
?    ‘Setting’ is a public health term, although you understand the word in English you should read about it in the first section of the study notes (I will upload it). For the assignment please clearly state the setting you are referring to
?    ‘policies and practices’ in the setting refers to national policies related to breastfeeding as well as other policies or practices that might be relevant
?    An ‘intervention currently active in your setting’ could cover a wide range of possibilities. If it’s a very large intervention with a lot of activities/aspects you may want to focus in depth on some part(s) of it– that is OK, just clearly define what activity (ies) you are referring to.
?    HEAT template- you can use the actual template or just use the headings. Note, if you use the template you still need to reference/support with evidence your statements.  So for example if you state that increased parental leave will support breastfeeding you need a reference to support that.

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