Public health

Before you begin this assignment, read through the Home page and the required readings. Specifically view the Part 1: Public health & environmental approaches to obesity prevention at
This video is part of Public Health Learning Modules project funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and developed by Temple University Department of Public Health and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research as a free teaching resource for public health professionals.
For this component of the Session Long Project, you will describe current environmental strategies, practices, and recommendations to build and promote health. Your task is to submit a paper that responds to the following questions:
Describe the problem of obesity in the United States and discuss the ro exacerbating such problem. MBET The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out with recom the problem of obesity. Describe the three environmental strategies re in the video presentation. Conduct your own literature search and identify two community-level st increase physical activity.

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