Public genres

We have looked at a variety of public genres for your discipline project (blogs, press releases, magazine and newspaper articles), and there are many more public genres (podcasts, YouTube videos, op-eds, etc.). Find one example of a public genre that is speaking about your chosen research question (or a closely related one) for your advocacy letter/annotated bibliography. Then, answer these questions:

How is research presented in this genre? Does it use quotes, paraphrases, summaries?
How are similar or different ideas from different sources represented in this genre? In other words, how does the genre synthesize information for its audience? Provide at least one example (you can quote or paraphrase/summarize).
How is the way this genre synthesizes information similar to and/or different from the way academic genres synthesize research? Be as specific as you can in answering this question.
Why would writers/speakers summarize differently in different genres for different audiences?
Topic: Data Concern and Cyber Attacks in business.

Research Question: What are the current emerging data privacy concerns? why is it important for business to protect consumers personal data?

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