Public Audience Essay

Public Audience Essay – The impact of language and technology barriers on the availability and accessibility of support CALD carers receive from the NDIS and
their ability to explore what makes a ‘good life’ for their loved ones.


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?Building on your EOI (Assessment 2) and the feedback you received, you must now write the first draft of your Public Audience Essay. This means you must write for a
non-specialist audience with no background knowledge of your field. You can assume the audience is full of people who are intelligent and talented in their own right,
but who may not necessarily have been to university. They will be interested in your story, so long as it is written to help people understand. The essay will also
help colleagues and friends from other academic fields to learn about your area in accessible language.

Further information about this task is provided in the uploaded documents. We will also discuss the task extensively in Research Literacies workshops. Everything in
this unit bends towards the Public Audience Essay.
For A3, presentation requirements are Fundamental. Here, the focus is on producing a good, coherent story that is interesting, well researched, and relevant to current
social issues.

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