Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

Psychology Practitioner-Scholar
Psychology Applied Research, this will be my future career. Answer all these questions concerning this topic.

I need a 2 pages research paper, follow APA style, use American article peer reviews, make sure you answer all these questions in details precisely and correctly. write each questions as a header when you answer it.
Please use this resource: Gerald Corey California State University, Fullerton (Emeritus)Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 10 Edition.
1. Selects a topic in the field of psychology that reflects a chosen career path. Describes the selected topic and the connection to a future career vision in the field of psychology.

2. Formulates a compelling and specific research question related to passions and interest to address a problem in a specialized field of psychology. Defines appropriate scope and focus for research interest. Describes the connection of the research question to potential contribution to the field of psychology.
3. Analyzes strategies to locate articles relevant to a topic in the field of psychology.
4. Analyzes the relevance of a research question to personal passions and interests in the field of psychology. Describes insights gained when performing research for the selected topic and rewrites the research question based on those findings.
5. Evaluates selected articles for a specific topic in the field of psychology. Describes the strategies and criteria used in determining research relevance. Demonstrates the understanding of connecting research and application in the field of psychology.
6. Communicates in a manner that is professional, scholarly, and consistent with expectations of members of the psychological professions. Adheres to APA guidelines, and work is appropriate for publication.
7. Applies master’s-level writing skills by employing clear, precise, and grammatically correct writing reflective of a professional in the psychology field.
Please answer all these questions precisely and do not miss any question.
All questions should be in bold, use three references from Psychology American writers.

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