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The traditional focus of work on personality and behavor has tended toward “Major Outcomes” such as health or antisocial behavior, or small sets of behaviors observable over short periods in laboratories or in convenience samples. In a community sample, we examined a wide set (400) of mundane, incidental or “every day” behavioral acts, the frequencies of which were reported over the past year. Using an exploratory methodology similar to genomic appraoches (relying on the False Discovery Rate) revealed 26 prototypical acts for intellect, 24 acts for Extraversion, 13 for Emotional Stability , nine for Conscientiousness, and six for Agreeableness. Many links were consistent with general intuition – for instance, low Conscientiousness with work and procrastination. Some of the most robust associations, however, were for acts too specific for a priori hypothesis. For instance, Extraversion was strongly associated with telling dirty jokes, Intellect with “loung(ing) around (the) house without clothes on”, and Agreeableness with singing in the shower. Frequency categories for these acts changed with marked non-linearity across Big Five Z-scores. Findings may help ground trait scores in emblematic acts, and enrich understanding of mundane or common behavioral signatures of the Big Five.


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