Summarize the main points of the journal article

The focus should be on the results of the study and its implications, NOT the background.
The summary should include:
What is the main question addressed, what was the hypothesis, why was the study conducted?
Who were the participants? How many, of what age, gender, ethnicity?
What was the setting? How was it conducted? What aspect of behavior was tested/observed? What were the dependent and independent variables?
What was found? was there a difference between groups? was there a relationship between variables? was the hypothesis supported? Was there anything surprising or inconsistent in the results?
Write out 5 discussion questions related to the journal and answer each of them.
for example: Do you agree with the interpretation of the findings? WHat were the methodological strengths or weakness?


Philosophy –gives the ability to look at thing in a different perspective
Fundamental question that comes to mind: is to ask the question what is philosophy?
Answer:  There are two ways of understanding the Science, Physical and social science.

1.Etymology -The science of the origin of a word.
– In the case of philosophy it is said to have been derived from the two Greek words  1.Philin
-(love)and 2.Sopia(wisdom)
Therefore from Etymologically speaking philosophy is
–the love of wisdom . However there has not been any agreed upon definition of science called philosophy b/c over the years there has been different start points movements and opinion that  is plurality of philosophical contemplation remained unavailable.
-Hence there are as many definitions of philosophy as there are philosophers. In  rational argumentation in trying to explicate  and comprehend both intra- mental and extra -mental reality.
2.  Physical Science -is based on empirical vermability.
By Intra-mental : we mean those aspects of human reality that a human mind has the ability to think as well as to bring into furision
Ens Reatis: mental construct. Ens Realis cun Funclamentalita will become mental construct with foundation in the fame.
In Etiamental: we mean those aspects of human reality that the human mind has a habit of thinking about without thinking the essences Ex: God Soul. By reality we mean there are some blame the ensemble of the idea of god universe and man-we are meaning creatures.
We have seen the meaning of philosophy it is pertinent to define: Religion so as to see the difference.
We will define religion  as: a fundamental recognition on the part of the humans of a superior, supernatural Omni potent creative being called: Yahweh, Allah  ,Dues  , Dios ..etc who is entitled to obedience reverence and worship.
Myth- is a concatenation of an individual’s mind about some events in human district as it relates to and goddesses heroes and heroine within a particular cultural milieu (environment) which is carried on from one generation to another for an ever growing popularity. It is therefore plausible that the first attempt by all traditional society’s (Egyptians, Greek, Indians, Romans, Chinese). To explain all seemingly unnatural phenomena was through Mythological speculation but with time this gave rise to religious worship and consiculty philosophically investigation and finally scientific analyzation.

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