Psychological Disorder

Analyze the possible ethical implications of the selected intervention from Part 2: Interventions.
Applying the information that you wrote on from Part 2, discuss possible ethical issues which may arise as a result of one or two of the interventions that you selected from your paper in Part 2.
Explain how spirituality/faith can impact the psychological component of your selected disorder.
Thinking of the disorder that you selected, discuss how faith might affect an individual with this particular disorder.
Discuss what part faith plays in this disorder, and in its resulting effects.
Recommend possible spiritual/faith-based interventions for treating your selected disorder.
Discuss particular faith-based strategies/interventions to treat this disorder.
Select a spiritual/faith-based intervention for your selected disorder for further exploration.
Discuss one faith-based intervention that you might recommend for this disorder, which could be further investigated.
Analyze the possible implications of your selected spiritual/faith-based intervention
Analyze and critique the possible results of the interventions that you discussed in items 2 and 3.

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