Providing a Means for Application of Core Concepts


Complete a one-two page reflection of what you learned within the module and how you will use this information as a future nurse educator in academics or professional development setting.

Include responses to the discussion/self reflection questions at the end of each module.

After you have reviewed the module presentations and resources, consider how this material is relevant to your own work and experience. The following is a list of questions for self-reflection or for use in class.

Are we incorporating informal experiential activities in our current leadership course?
What would a leadership simulation experience entail in a curriculum in which there is no course credit for experiential learning in the leadership course? If there is no opportunity for formal simulation exercises in our leadership course, how would we integrate leadership experiential learning into clinical course simulations?
The leadership topics included in this module reflect the leadership skills that we (the authors) have deemed important based on the environmental context that exists in the health care organizations in which the students have practiced. In consideration of the specific needs of your learners, “What topics would we include as the key leadership skills and concepts that a beginning nurse might need to effectively manage care and function within the health care environment?”
Given the recent attention to the “Future of Nursing” and “To Err is Human” reports, consider how implementation of leadership simulations similar to those presented in the module can assist in minimizing errors and enhancing safety as nursing students’ transition to practice.

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