Complete the tutorial Foundations of UX: Prototyping
Read Chapter 11 in ebook Prototyping
Watch video Introducing 2D Prototyping Techniques

Watch Prototyping and the user experience on
Find a prototype that was initially designed for an ultimate product and analyze how many iterations it took to move the prototype with a computer user

interface to the final usable and sellable product. Some examples are the initial video camera, digital PDA (Palm Pilot) or cell phone.
Investigate: How Google Ventures does prototyping ‘design sprints’ with its 170 startups

Now check your understanding. Answer these questions:

What are some attributes of a prototype?
How can prototypes facilitate communication between the designer, users, developers, and clients
How can prototypes be quickly changed, modified, or discarded depending on feedback

Make a paper prototype of your project. You will bring this to the lesson where all team members will collaborate on a consensus prototype using elements of

each model.

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