Protective effects of a sugary snack on elicited emotional states

Investigating the protective effects of a sugary snack on elicited emotional states by using film clips as the emotion elicitation stimuli in young males and

females (18-30 year olds)
Paper details:
Neuroscience Dissertation Introduction for a UK University. I would need a British writer please as they would be more familiar with the relevant guidelines.

I need to speak about well being, positive and negative affect, the role of glucose in the brain, Start broad talk about whats been done in the area of film

research and emotion, (grossen levenson film library) explain reason for using film clips, hone in on research with positive psychology, wellbeing, break

down onto literature on emotions/mood/ film clips research, VR therapeutical effects/ happiness (positive psychology)
Effects on mood on eating and sadness, sadness (negative)/ emotional eating and sugary foods emotional eating, linked to hormones not cortisol and hpa

axis flat – glucocorticoid measures… Dissect low glucocorticoid response still encourages people to eat.

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