pros and cons of abortion, is it morally acceptable


pros and cons of abortion, is it morally acceptable

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This week you will find the rubric posted for your term paper, due in two stages. The first will be due on
November 6, the second at the end of the semester. Please read that rubric carefully before you begin.Now is
the time to begin identifying the issue you would like to research. Remember, an issue is a question or
challenge on which reasonable people, thinking rationally, may disagree. Your issue should be stated in
neutral terms; for example:

Do the medical benefits of embryonic stem cell research outweigh the ethical risks of destroying an
incipient/ potential human life?


Is it ethically permissible to declare a severely brain-damaged infant “brain dead” in order to make her
organs available for transplant while still viable?

As you see from the way I have presented these issues, the question is not advocating for one view or the
other; it tries to present the question as fairly as possible, so the issue may be examined from both sides.

In Stage I, once you have defined the issue and written some background about why you believe this has
important social importance, you will begin researching competing positions in response to the question
raised. Your paper must present at least two present-day scholars on at least two different sides of the issue,
and you must identify the specific ethical frameworks that, in your view, each thinker represents. These are
thinkers who specialize in the issue you have chosen – not Barry, the author of your text. They must be
reputable, credentialed professionals in a related field; you are not just looking for any random opinion here.
News articles, background statistics, historical reports are all interesting and useful context but they do not
replace your two academic scholars presenting credible arguments on one side or the other.


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