Proposing a Solution to a Problem

Proposing a Solution to a Problem

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Complete the writing project assignment on page 466. The framing guide of your paper should be on Marriage Equality, Same-Sex Couple Adoption.

write an essay in which you apply the five-step problem-solving method to a local, national or international problem related to Marriage Equality, Same-Sex Couple Adoption

You will have to do some research and locate several articles that provide background information about and discussion of the problem.

Make sure to properly cite all sources

• APA Styling
o Times New Roman
o 12 point font
o double-spaced
• Cover Page
• Reference Page
o Minimum of one unique source per paper
o You will need at least two periodicals, one of which should be a scholarly journal.
o One source should be a current event article from the last three years.
• In-text citations
• Running Head
• Page Numbers
• 500 – 750 words
Include Word Count Total

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