Proposal for Pride and Prejudice

Proposal for Pride and Prejudice

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This is literary theory class. We have studied hisorianism, post colonial studies, gender theories, feminism, structuralism, formalism. Your final written assignment will be a paper of 3,000–5,000 words (13–18 pages) on novel Pride and Prejudice. You will hand in a 250–word proposal
for that paper on Monday, April 13.
Your proposal should include the following:
1) A brief statement of the argument you wish to make about the book.
2) An explanation of how this argument relates to the existing critical debates about the
book. How does your argument fit into the arguments that critics have already made about the
3) Where you will find primary evidence (meaning evidence in the text itself) to make
your case. Which passages of the book will be most helpful to you?
4) What theorists you will draw on or contest in making your argument.
5) What additional research you expect to do in order to support your claim. (Looking for
historical sources? Looking at textual questions? Looking at biographical material, or author’s
drafts, letters?)

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