Project management overview

I. Select and describe ONE project that is presently or recently in the news. A project has numerouscharacteristics. Justify why you consider your selected example is a project. Support your justifications with
(400-500 words) (15 marks)
II. Go to ONE organisation’s website (but not your employer) and identify and describe ONE project it has or
will be undertaking (Not the same project as I above) (100 words, no marks)
a. The beneficial change (note: not the deliverable!) this project will bring about by using the deliverable.
(150-300 words) (10 marks)
b. how the project links to the organisation’s goals (150-300 words) (10 marks)
I. Describe THREE abilities/characteristic/skills, based on academic references. You must have at least 3
references for each answer (NOTE: you CANNOT chose LEADERSHIP as this is an assignment in the unit
Project & People) (900-1200 words in total) (45 marks)

II. You are the project manager for a project where you will execute a round of redundancies for 150 assembly
line workers at an automobile parts manufacturing plant and replace them with automated processes.
Reflect on how each of these abilities/characteristics/personalities will help you be successful in completing
your project. The project includes coordinating the redundancy process and the installation of new
technology. (300-500 words) (15 marks in total)

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