Project Management – Course Work

Project Management – Course Work

General instructions for all assignments:
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• Your name and student number should be included in the footer of each page of the assignment document, and all pages should be numbered.
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• Outside materials may be used in assignments but all such material must be quoted and referenced if included verbatim. In general you should present your ideas and understanding in your own words.
• All written or essay type questions in this assignment are to be answered in writing using a word processor. Use a proportionally spaced font such as Times Roman 12 point for normal, essay-type written answers.

1. Table 1 indicates the sequence and interdependence of the project activities for the Paddington Hospital project (A – M) which together are required to develop a bespoke system. The durations (in weeks) of each of the activities are given in the table
Table 1
Activity Description Duration (wks) Precedence
A Requirement Gathering 5 –
B Business Analysis 6 –
C Systems Analysis 5 –
D Coding 4 C
E Unit Test 9 B
F Module Testing 8 B
G Systems Testing 6 C
H Bug Fixing 2 F,G
J Implementation 6 E
K Project Supervision 10 –
L Pilot Testing 8 J,K
M Implementation 3 G,F
N Unit Testing 7 A,D
P Systems Testing 5 N,M
Q User Acceptance Testing 5 H,L
R Handover 4 Q,P
S Lessons Learnt Activities 2 R
(a) Construct a network diagram identifying the following:
i. Earliest Start Time(EST)
ii. Latest Finish Time (LFT)
iii. Total Float on all activities in the project
iv. Critical Path for the project

b) Assume that there is a delay of 20 weeks in completing activity H. Analyse one action that the Project Manager could take to avoid exceeding the current length of the critical path. (30 marks)
2. Discuss five reasons why a project fails, and for each one offer ways of reducing or eliminating that risk.

(30 marks)

Reference, Structure and report presentation (10 marks)

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