Project management case.

Charter and Initial Scope Document Assignment:

(*Note: This assignment is a draft of one of the parts of your final project planning paper for the class.)

Step 1: Read the attached project management case.

Step 2: Prepare the assignment deliverable: Project charter/scope document, containing:

Project identification: name/number
Background – the organizational context
Business objectives and business case (benefits)
Detailed and measurable deliverables to be produced
Detailed constraints (time, cost, scope) and scope/out of scope boundaries
Project organizational structure
List of high-level milestones, no dates or budget unless specifically mentioned in the case.
Project strategy, including project integration and quality management approach
Initial summary of risks and mitigation approaches
Signature lines/dates for evidence of approval by sponsor, PM, and key stakeholders only
General Assignment Guidelines:

While you can use, help gained from researching templates found online, your documents must reflect the content and scale of this project case only! Most templates found online contain too many steps that are not appropriate for project cases we will use in class. Please focus on this problem only and do your best to produce proper documentation on your own that you would submit on the job. You will be graded as though this were a professional assignment, so be sure you think through what would be needed as though you were producing this for your boss!

Note: Do not attempt to produce a project schedule in MS-Project or assign resources for this assignment. You do not have the necessary detail to produce a schedule, estimate times for tasks or assign resources to specific tasks now and you will lose points if you do.

Don’t get distracted with the technology solution – think instead about what you, as a project manager and your team should do, even if you don’t know how the technology components or project steps will all be at this point. Try to imagine as much detail as you can. If you aren’t familiar with the technical concepts, technical terms, or approaches, please ask for help.

There is no single, correct “answer” to this assignment. Rather than make you guess a predetermined solution, you need to think out the problem on your own and develop documentation that you consider best. Grades will depend upon what you have included, how you have structured the documentation, the way you have expressed expectations, constraints, deliverables or other concerns, and the approach you have suggested for organizing and executing the work.

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