Project Management

This post has two assignments;

1. Project Management

In light of the recent success and growth within the School of Strategy and Leadership (SSL) at “X” University, the School has agreed to sponsor a project expansion that will involve the re-modification of office spaces at a budget of £3 million. The re-modification will provide a new office layout within “X” building. The project is to be completed within a year. Apart from the building re-modification, the project will include re-decorating the offices with new state of the art furniture and staff office relocation.
You have been hired as the project manager to oversee the planning and development of this project. Your first task is to prepare a project initiation document (2000 words), drawing on appropriate project management theory and frameworks, to present to the Head of SSL.

2. Importance of propaganda in world war II

What was the impact of propaganda and its use in the United States?

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