Project description

Project description
English 21: Introduction to Creative Writing

The 4th weekly assignment is the draft of your poem as well as a paragraph on what your poem is about, i.e. what incident, experience or person (among other things) inspired you to write this poem.
Before you write your poem, make a plan; re-read the poems we read in class to get examples of the stories they tell, the imagery (through metaphor and simile) they create and the themes they explore. These poems are:
Langston Hughes Harlem or Dream Deferred and Mother to Son, Sylvia Plaths Metaphor, Abel Meeropols Strange Fruit, Emily Dickinsons Hope.

You can base the poem on a theme got from the story you wrote, or you can base your poem on a theme that is dear to your heart and can come from your own personal experience. Just make sure that the poem fulfills the following criteria:
1.It has a minimum of 20 lines (can be more, depending on whether/not suits the purpose of the poem) divided into stanzas if necessary
2.Has metaphor and/or similes to create imagery
3.Operates at two levels of both the literal and the symbolical
4.Tells a story

create this poem into a LOVE POEM where i broke up with an ex-girlfriend and now remember all the great things from the past. here is little information: i loved her eyes so much i got her a stuffed white baby seal from an aquarium with same round dark eyes. she had the shape of a barbie, amazing curves (she was spanish). she loved when i hold her hand anywhere most times. she was the very girlish type. in fact she is still pretty as before. PLEASE make this poem deep and romantic so i can win my professor and get an A- at least . Thank You writer

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