Project Based Learning

General Assignment 6: Project Based Learning

MELS Objectives:
[2] To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both orally and in writing, using correct grammar, in various contexts related to teaching.
[3] To develop teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to the students concerned and the subject content with a view to developing the competencies targeted in the programs of study.
[5] To evaluate student progress in learning the subject content and mastering the related competencies.
[11] To engage in professional development individually and with others

1.    Determine the THEME and END PRODUCT for the project
2.    Create an introduction handout that explains the project for the students
a.    One page (ideally)
b.    Point-form instructions
c.    Evaluation tool included
3.    Create a Long Term Plan – a basic overview of how many classes it will take for your students to complete the project. (See example)
4.    Create / use / adapt handouts to support your students in the writing and  production process for each class (assigning roles & responsibilities, instructions for writing texts, instructions for producing texts…)

?    A Long term lesson plan (LTP) – overview – of the activities you plan to do during the time your class is working on this project. (SEE EXAMPLE)
?    An introduction handout that explains the project for the students – One page (ideally)
?    AN EVALUATION TOOL (on the intro handout)
?    Support handout(s) and INSTRUCTIONS for each class
a.    Clearly label each handout (CLASS 1: Introduction; CLASS 2: Research & Writing…)
b.    Create / use / adapt handouts you have found to support your students in the writing & production process:
c.    Instructions & / or handouts for assigning roles & responsibilities,
d.    Instructions & / or handouts for writing texts
e.    Instructions & / or handouts for producing texts
f.    Instructions & / or handouts for presenting texts

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