Project #2 – BPM / Dashboard Development


Project #2 – BPM / Dashboard Development

Objective(s): Using Microsoft’s Power BI tool, you will design a dashboard or scorcard for a Business Performance Management (BPM) System. You should use your response
to Discussion Topic 3 (from Week #3) as a starting point for this project.

Methodology: Using the recommendations in Chapter 3 of your textbook for designing BPM systems, you will design a BPM system for AdventureWork’s management. You will
use Microsoft’s Power BI to build the electronic dashboard/scorecard.


Deliverable(s): You will submit an interactive dashboard/scorecard that will help management monitor at least four (4) KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) required to
track AdventureWork’s performance. Note: You should tailor your BPM system to a specific management level (i.e., strategic, middle, or operational) and/or a specific
business function within AdventureWorks.

To help you choose source tables for your dashboard, the complete AdventureWorks Data Warehouse schema is posted below.


PLEASE NOTE: You MUST use VMWare View in order to complete this assignment. Instructions for using VMWare View Remote Desktop can be found in Week #1 under the link,
"VMWare View Access Link (use to access MS Power BI)."


NOTE: BPM is also called BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) in some textbooks and by some BI software vendors


Publish your dashboard solution out to the Micrisoft Cloud, and then PASTE the URL to your dashboard using this assignment link (under "Text Submission" or
"Comments" field. I should be able to click on your URL in Blackboard to access your dashboard.


Publishing dashboards are found in Week #7 within the "Publish a Power BI Dashboard" video




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