Assignment 2 (Part B) – Requirements and Marking Criteria
Due: 28 August 2015, 11pm

Form: Individual assessment

Length: 2250 words excluding executive summary, reference list and any appendices
Weighting: 35%

Submission: via Turnitin

Part B: Your organisation and its Strategic Service Vision {Stages 3&4}
Continuing on from your first assessment, Part B will once again be structured around
Heskett’s ‘strategic service vision’ framework although your focus will be specifically
on stages three and four. Your role will be to develop an ‘operating strategy’ and discuss
those relevant features of the ‘service delivery system’.

In addition to the above, the following questions/tasks should be addressed:

0 Productivity and quality are both key facets of the service process. Using the
academic literature, explain how your organisation will balance the quality of its
service whilst maximising its productivity.

0 Construct a simple blueprint for one service process in your organisation.

0 Select any two methods for managing capacity and explain how these could be
used to better match supply and demand for a service offered by your

0 Explain how your employees can affect the quality of service received by your
external customer. What measurements could you use to gauge and manage the
satisfaction of your employees?

0 Choose any service quality model as described in Chapter 11, and analyse and
apply the model to your own organisation.

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