program you like on commercial network television

program you like on commercial network television

1. First, you need to identify and watch a program you like on commercial network television. (ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.–not Netflix, not PBS, etc.) Write down the name of the program, the network and channel, as well as the date and time you watched it. For example, “Dexter, NBC, Channel 11, Sunday, September 14, 7-8 p.m.” This Forum deals with traditional commercial television.
2. As you watch your chosen program, make note the products featured in every commercial that is aired. Write down each one. You may find that some of the commercials are repeated several times. If so, just list the product and the number of times it is seen. For example, you might see a commercial for the Ford Fusion Hybrid six times. If you do, you will write: Ford Fusion Hybrid: 6 times.
3. The companies (like Ford) that buy commercial time on any given program do so because they believe the people watching that program–the members of the “target audience” (in this case you)–constitute the portion of the viewing public that is or will be interested in purchasing their products. Answer the following questions about the target audience for your chosen program:
-What do the commercials tell you about the people who comprise their target audience?
-Are the commercials aimed at men or women or both?
-What is the general age they are trying to appeal to?
-Are they aimed at a particular race or religion?
-Are they directed towards people who are rich, middle class, or middle class aspiring to be rich?
-Are they directed towards people who are single? Married? Do they have children?
-Do they engage in certain identifiable activities, such as sports, travel, education, etc.? What are their eating habits?
4. Finally, compare yourself to the target audience. How well do you fit into the demographic identified by your answers to the questions in #3 (what is the general age they are trying to appeal to)? Do you own or want to own any of the products?

Christela, ABC, Channel 7, Friday, March 27, 8 – 8:30 p.m.

Products featured:
1.  2015 ford explorer xlt $289/mo. 24mo. Lease
2.  Walgreens as low as $0 copays on select plans Medicare
3.  Hillshire farm –advertising food good for people
4.  Ace paint shop. This commercial occurred 2x.
5.  Listerine mouth wash
6.  Payless store “good way to save money”
7.  Longest ride movie
8.  Macys reward card commercial
9.  T-Mobile network
10.                Lowes commercial
11.                Honda commercial
12.                Orchard supply and hardware store
13.                Verizon commercial
14.                Remax – real-estate
15.                Kohl’s
16.                Outback steak house
17.                United health care
18.                Roc retinal correction lotion – wrinkles
19.                Tic tac mints
20.                Car Fax

Target Audience:
The target audience is people who are in their 30’s-40’s who are married and probably have children. The majority of the items advertised are products for adults with families, such as the Ford Explorer and the Kohl’s.  There are also products that are for older people like the Listerine and Tic-Tacs, wrinkle cream, and the commercial for Walgreens about Medicare. The food habits are Middle American food such as steak. The other thing I noticed about the commmercials is that the companies are targeting people who cannot afford a person to paint or work on their houses, so they do it themselves.  It also appears to be people who really care about bargains.

Comparing myself to target audience: No, I do not fit the demographic because I am not part of the age group that the commercials are talking about. If I were married and saving money for a car I would use the Carfax commercials to learn the best deals on a car that I wanted. However, I always appreciate good deals like the deals at Macy’s for clothing and makeup because I like to save money and not spend it all in one place.

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