Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Choose one of the two following questions.  Answers must discuss each part of the question asked and clearly define concepts as they relate program evaluation. Answers

should be written in 12-point font and double-spaced.  Answers should be written up in the style of a research paper, meaning that you do not just answer the following

questions.  You should use paragraphs, headings (subheadings), works cited page, and Appendices (if necessary).
•      Do not get caught up in the information you do not have.  Do the best you can.  You have some creative license and are not expected to be an expert in food bank

or higher education by the end of the exam.
•      You might need to cite websites or articles.  Cite them appropriately.  I prefer Chicago style but I do not really care as long as you are consistent throughout

the exam.  Do not forget to cite.
•      Put any extraneous information (like potential survey questions) in an Appendix.
1.    Answer the following questions based on the scenario: As the supervisor of a small, nonprofit food bank, you have been charged by the board to complete a

participatory evaluation of how the nonprofit is impacting the people that are served by the nonprofit.
a.    Fully define stakeholder (general definition).
b.    Identify at least three groups of stakeholders that would be vital to the evaluation and answer the following questions on each group of stakeholders:
i.     Why are they vital to this evaluation?
ii.     How will you use them in the evaluation process?
iii.     Why would they want to participate in the evaluation?
iv.     Why would they be interested in the results of the evaluation?
v.     What conflicts do you think might arise with this particular group of stakeholders?
2.   The 2013 legislative session is about to begin in Texas.  One issue that will undoubtedly come up is the state of higher education.  Read this article in the

Houston Chronicle(  Because you have a reputation as an excellent

evaluator, you have been asked to evaluate the “job readiness” of Sam Houston State University graduates. Design an evaluation of how you would answer the following

question: Do graduates of Sam Houston State University have the necessary skills and education to get jobs?  Your design should at a minimum include the following:
a.    Type of evaluation (e.g. process evaluation)
b.    Design of the evaluation (e.g. pre-/post-test)
c.    What data will you need?
d.    How will you get it?
e.    How will this design answer the question above?
f.     Strengths of the design
g.    Weakness of the design


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