Program Design and Evaluation Plan

Program Design and Evaluation Plan

Case Scenario presenting a program design and evaluation plan, using the model presented by Kettner et al.
1. Family violence program specifically for families in which the violence is perpetrated by an adolescent. See: titled: Adolescent Violence in the Home: A Scoping Study and Mapping of Victorian Services and titled: Adolescent Violence Towards Parents
Family violence is perpetrated by a number of adolescents with the result that all family members (parents and siblings, grandparents) are affected by this behaviour. You have been awarded $450,000 per annum for three years to develop a program that will respond to this issue and need to develop a proposal for your region. The results of your program will be compared with those of other regions with the aim of establishing best practice and long-term services to these families and their adolescents.

SWP5PDE – Example Assignment Plan – Assessment 3

What follows is a suggested template of key areas you may like to consider including in assignment three (3):


1. Table of Contents –

2. Executive Summary –

3. Introduction –

4. Problem Analysis – (Places the specific problem under review in broader context)

5. Needs Assessment –

6. Program theory of change–
a. Evidence Base: What works with this issue, What doesn’t work with this issue

7. Program Design – (How you use your Theory of Change to create a program hypothesis and program?)
a. Goals & Objectives (Detailed objective outcome measures)
b. Target Population
c. Program outline (Inputs, throughputs, outputs, outcomes: Incorporates your specific Theories of Change etc)
d. Program partners (if applicable)

8. Budget & Cost Management –
a. Line Item Budget (Includes Item, description (rate / award), and amount)

9. Program Monitoring & Evaluation Plan –
a. Type of evaluation (e.g. Output, outcome, process, impact)
b. Indicators
c. Audience (e.g. Clients, community, funders, organization)

10. Appendices
a. Appendix 1 – Logic Model


1) Individual assignment responding to your allocated scenario presenting a program design and evaluation plan, using the model presented by Kettner et al. 2,000 words. 50%

The purpose of this assessment is for you to apply your learning and provide a practical demonstration of your knowledge and skill in program design and evaluation using the Program Logic Model of design. The first and second assessments should inform your work for this assessment.

Your program and evaluation plan should include:
• Location of the task in a relevant hypothetical organisation
• Very brief discussion of the proposed processes involved in developing the program ie ( partnerships or individual agency approach)
• Brief statement of your problem analysis, needs assessment and theory of change
• Goals and objectives
• Inputs, throughputs, intermediate outputs, final outputs and outcomes.
• Budget, including staff numbers, qualifications and abilities. Donations or in-kind contributions from other agencies (use of resources etc) must not exceed 15% of the total budget.
• Evaluation plan, including statement of the objectives of the evaluation
A program logic diagram of your proposed program may be a useful inclusion in your assignment.

Assessment Criteria
a) Extent to which all aspects of the task are addressed 10 marks
b) Evidence of use of relevant theoretical and empirical literature 10 marks
c) Demonstrable understanding of key tasks associated with program design 15 Marks
d) Quality of the writing including appropriate language and referencing 10 marks
e) Originality of approach. 5 marks

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