Professional Development Essay

Professional Development Essay

Demonstrate your learning in relation to the four learning outcomes below. You are required to demonstrate a clear understanding of each of this learning outcome.
1. Demonstrate understanding of theories of group and group dynamics, and how such theories can be useful to them in managing their learning and in participating in

care delivery within multi-professional care settings.

2. Demonstrate how moral reasoning, ethical principles, legal frameworks and professional codes of conduct can impact on professional conduct and the delivery of

healthcare within inter-professional and multicultural learning and care-delivery contexts.

3. Identify and analyse some of the issues that affect the health care of minority groups, and discuss how cultural competence and ethnicity relate to their learning

needs and ability to help patients/clients overcome inequalities in health and healthcare.

4. Identify and appraise theories of change and discuss how such theories can help them to bring about service improvement and high quality care within nursing.

Essay structure:
page 1 – Introduction
page 2 – learning outcome 1
page3 – learning outcome 2
page 4 – learning outcome 3
page 5 – learning outcome 4
page 6- conclusion
Appendix (related to each learning outcome is uploaded as an additional material (You do not have to include this page as long as you use the problem scenarios

provided in the additional materials).

Each pages content must be carefully and critically constructed. straight to the point and very detailed demonstrating all the learning outcome.

Note: There are 4 problem scenarios uploaded as additional materials that relates to each learning outcomes. Please refer (make reference) to this problems within the

essay. Please if you do not understand, message me.

References: Every sentences must be referenced to know where the ideas where gotten from.
Reference list in alphabetical order please.

The learning outcome should be addressed in an integrated discussion which draws theory and evidence together to demonstrate the interrelatedness of the issues related

in the scenarios provided as additional materials.

Reading list is also provided as additional material and must be used and referenced within the essay.

The module aim is to introduce students to a range of professional practical issues and further develop their skills in the use of problem-based learning. This

requires the examination of appropriate ethical, cultural, legal and management theory and research in order to learn more about key aspects of professional practice.


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