Product Review Meeting

Create a 5 minute speech of an introduction to your Product Review Meeting. What you will say to everyone attending will set the tone, purpose and agenda for the meeting. This product meeting is on the scenario below.
Create a Computer Network

This project is appropriate for staff that focused their education on networking.

The networking team will work on the network design for the main photography company and the small studio location. The photography company will anticipate the possibility of more locations as well as more requests for photography events. The photography company needs a networked tracking system to keep up with the scalability of this growing company as well as maintaining and tracking all data from photo shoot events.

Right now, the main office has 15 computers for the 15 employees who work there. There is one server used for everything in an open space. The computers are peer networked but are over five years old and currently using a Windows XP operating system.

At the studio, there is one PC in the office and one PC up at the front desk. These are also peer networked as well. The computers used at the studio are to put data in a spreadsheet with order information and they would e-mail this out to the main office.

The networking project is to define the computer hardware and software needed and to develop designs for a networked environment to support the business goals. Both locations should be able to print to a networked printer and to local printers.

Security of the network and data are primary considerations.

Minimum Items Required for the Network Project:

• Conceptual Network Design
• Physical Network Design to Floor Plans and Locations
• Equipment List / Cost Comparison Table (3 vendors)
• Physical and Logical Security Plan
• Security Policy Recommendation Document
• Full Physical Implementation Plan / schedule including testing and training
• Servers (including software) and Server room Plan

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