Product review

Select one of the following products for this Assignment for the fictional company Proserve, Corp. -A new, cool mist humidifier that reduces dry air and also serves as an air freshener. Presently, the scents come in mint, apple and spice, and cinnamon. -A new toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste automatically into the toothbrush with a small button on the handle. Toothpaste flavors comes in a variety of flavors which includes cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint and bubble gum. -A new, wireless headphone and microphone which fit in the palm of your hands and have superior output and volume. -A new foldable chair that can be carried in one hand and holds up to 300 pounds. -A new transcription tool with 98% accuracy. Step 2: Apply product elements to make this product complete by thoroughly describing them. • Discuss the type of product you selected and include product attributes like quality. features, benefits. style, and design. • Provide a pr000sed product line (depth) and product mix (the 4 P’s) (width) for your good See Exhibit 10.1 in the text. • Describe the elements of the product’s branding. Ex. Brand name, sponsor, and brand strategy. • Provide a packaging plan and any warranty or copyright involved if applicable
Minimum Submission Requirements: This part of the paper due in Unit 8 should be a minimum of 1% — 2 pages and use APA format and citation style. Your paper should include headings.

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