Produce four challenging multiple-choice questions (one question per lecture topic) designed to test students’ factual knowledge and understanding of (1) different historical approaches to memory, (2) imagery and memory, (3) emotion and memory, and (4)

royal caribbean COMPANY

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The topic is about royal Caribbean cruise company

All written project assignments (individual and team) should be turned in as a Word document, double-spaced (except when indicated), using 12-point Times Roman font and with at least 1-inch margins on all sides. Everyone is encouraged to print out pages using the front and back sides of each sheet. The team report should have page numbers. Your grammar and spelling will affect your grade. Do not use report covers or binders. Just staple or clip your work. If any written project is not submitted by the start of the class session on the date when it is due, 10 points will be deducted from your grade at the end of the session and for each day that it is late (including days during the weekend). The original submission will not be returned so keep a copy for your personal use.

All statements should be in sentence and paragraph form.

Proofread your document.


Each student will turn in a report presenting his/her analysis of a strategic issue facing the company assigned.

bullet The student is responsible for gathering information about the company’s situation. Various sources of business information will be discussed in class.
bullet These guidelines are meant to show you what is an ideal individual project for this class. If you decide to deviate from these guidelines, you take the risk of diminishing the quality of your project (from the instructor’s perspective). Following these guidelines can increase your chances of getting a good grade.
bullet The main purpose of this individual project is to hone your ability to use business information to discuss the strategic issues facing a company. The written document will be graded based on the rules for submitting written documents stated above and the following criteria:

bullet Comprehensiveness. Your discussion of the strategic issue you have selected should include essential elements such as the core competence, driving force, competitive force and key success factor that define the strength, weakness, opportunity or threat that lead to the issue, along with the strategic and financial objectives that may or may not be achieved because of the issue.
bullet Quality of Supporting Material. Each strength, weakness, opportunity or threat that you discuss in your report should be supported with information about the company and/or the external environment. The cases that are scheduled for discussion in class will serve as examples of how this can be done. You should do this individual project using your own effort. Any hint of plagiarism (whether from printed material or another student) will negatively affect your grade.

Writing style. Follow the writing guidelines above.

The individual project report will consist of the following pages:

First page: Provide your name, section and date of submission on this page.

Second page: This page should include the strategic issue that you have selected along with your justification for it.

Strategic Issue

Framework for discussion of strategic issue

Extra pages: References can be cited on succeeding pages. There is no specific format on how to write a reference source. Place a number at the end of the sentence where you provided a citation to refer to a specific reference. You must provide a citation for each piece of evidence that you used for it to be considered for grading purposes.

Not following this format will result in a lower grade.

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