Process for Solving Logarithmic Equations

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Process for Solving Logarithmic Equations

Project description

1. Answer the following questions using complete sentences: What are the similarities and differences for solving logarithm equations that contain one logarithm and logarithm equations that contain multiple logarithms?

properties of logarithms are described and used to solve different types of logarithm equations. Which of the logarithm properties do you use to solve logarithm equations? Is it possible for a logarithm equation to have no solution? If so, when would this occur? Is it possible that a logarithm equation can have multiple solutions? If so, when would this occur?

2. After determining your process for solving various types of logarithmic equations, complete three homework problems using your explanations (such as #16, #24 and #28 in Section 4.4) to “test” your writing description.

6. Last, complete one problem from section 4.4 (page 392) #18, #20, #22, or #26

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