Problem Statements-Terry

Problem Statements-Terry

Base each problem on at least two recent sources from peer-reviewed journals  Provide support for the existence of the problem and to help identify the scope and scale of the problem.

(1)Senior citizen refuses to learn advance technology skills to integrate in the information age
(2)Senior citizen has a difficult time adapting to technology because they lack computer literacy skills
Five steps must be in the paper
1. The statement should be one to two paragraphs in length.
2. A general problem and a specific problem are separately identified.
3. The problem is not written as a question or as a objective for studying. The problem describes an issue which needs to be solved.
4. The problem, as stated, is supported with one or more current citations (5-10 references from 2010-13).
5. Supplementing the statement of the general problem and the statement of the specific problem is narrative (cited) which describes the "impact" or "adverse conditions" of the problem. Who the problem is effecting and the extent of the problem.

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