Problem statement

Problem statement


The following memo is a problem statement regarding the Adel Building design team’s semester design project for section 2 of EGR 386W. The problem statement establishes the primary goals, client needs, design objectives, and constraints for the project.

Needs of Clients and Stakeholders

New water fountain “ not conferred with water saving
Windows are so old
Lobby doors are not sealed
No switch for hallway lights
Tribal restroom

Primary Project Goals

There exist both short term and long term design goals for the project. The short term goals include minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Adel, as well as having a 2-5 year payback period for capital expended on the project. The long term goal includes developing strategies to make Adel a zero GHG emission building. The long term strategies should be economically beneficial to Northern Arizona University (NAU).

-What is our overall goal?
Make Adel a zero GHG emission building.
-How do these goals meet up with our clients’ and stakeholders’ needs?  Who are our clients and stakeholders?
Our clients are, Students, Facilities, staff, and Northern Arizona University

Design Objectives

(Base the objectives around both the primary goal and the client needs)
(Discuss which objectives most importantly reflect that the team is meeting the goals and needs)
(Include table that lists objectives, as well as metrics that correspond and measure the objectives)
Under what conditions will our metrics be taken?

Design Constraints

(Discuss what constraints or “box” the team will be working in. This includes strict building policies, ADA compliance, and more. Mention how these will be measured.)

Conflicts between Objectives, Constraints, and Criteria

(Disucss what objectives and constraints may be at odds with each other, and how certain objectives may need to be optimized to handle this)

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