Problem Solution Essay

Topic: Problem Solution Essay

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What Are Problem Solution Essays?

Problem solution essays explain a problem and give a detailed plan for how it can be solved. These essays…

Describe the problem
Convince the reader the problem needs solving
Explain the solution proposal
Argue that this is the best solution
Refute objections
Essay Outline

To be effective, you need to organize your essay carefully. Your main goal in this essay is to:

Interest your reader in the problem
Convince your reader that the problem is important and needs to be solved
Explain your solution clearly
Convince the reader that your solution is cost-effective and feasible
Convince your reader that your solution is better than other solutions

Choose an appropriate audience for the proposal (specific group of people or publication) — ask yourself: Who can help me solve this problem?

Define the chosen audience (e.g. what values do the readers of this publication/group of people hold? What do the readers of this publication/group of readers know
about the problem? What kind of personal or emotional responses might the readers of this publication/group of people have to the problem and proposed solution? What
objections might the readers of this publication/group of people have to the proposed solution?) — ask yourself: Why hasn’t this problem been solved already?

Use audience-appropriate evidence (details, facts, quotes, illustrations, stories, examples) to help you establish that a specific problem exists and is important —
depending on your topic, you may need to do some limited research to gain credibility/ethos — ask yourself: How can I convince my audience that the problem is worth
the time and money it will take to solve? What do I need to show or tell them to make them care?

Propose a solution to the defined problem using a clearly defined thesis.

Use evidence (details, facts, quotes, and illustrations, examples) to convince the defined audience that your solution(s) to the problem are reasonable, doable, and
effective — ask yourself: How exactly does the solution solve the problem? Where exactly will the time, money, and effort to enact the solution come from?

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