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Essay question:

Identify and discuss the consistent demographic characteristics of prisoners. Your essay should indicate how or why these characteristics are associated with increased contact with the corrections system.
In all aspects of the essay, please make sure the below is followed strictly:

Maximum word limit 1500 words. Please include page numbers, margins, headings, paragraphs and spacing.
Australian Academic/Scholarly journal articles ONLY. (Tip; use google scholar).
Include majority of academic journal articles that are peer reviewed. (Tip; make use of journal databases that allow you to limit your search to just peer reviewed Australian articles).

In addition to,

“THE CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM TOPIC 4:? CONTACT WITH CORRECTIONS” under “guide to reading” and “required reading” is a description of sources of articles/journals with relevance to the essay question. Please cite only some that are necessary in writing this easy

It is essential to mention that one of the consistent demographic characteristics of prisoners are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. (Please refer to “Understanding and preventing Indigenous offending” (please note this isn’t a journal article it’s a brief and can be used as introductory information on the topic) in addition to “THE CORRECTIONAL SYSTEM TOPIC 4:? CONTACT WITH CORRECTIONS” which also explains some information on Indigenous Australians).

Both of these are accessible in the link below which allows you to view them in a combined pdf document format:,o_1aerhn5pa1jmnasb38u19b21pfig,o_1aerhn5pa1e7g1t1vvtb15fv1abdh,o_1aerhn5pb1m4v1eev1864jd31e8ri,o_1aerhn5pbsut1ad09ikrefp6uj,o_1aerhn5pb19nv1e0q13rtb45ej8k,o_1aerho2kq1e7t1b7eeg41jbt1po912&rnd=0.10388971609063447

A minimum of 12 referenced Australian academic journal article sources to cite for this essay.

This includes:

An in-text direct quotation and or
An in- text paraphrase.

The full reference would be listed in the Reference List at the end of the academic paper following the APA 6th edition referencing style.
address the topic by:

• key words and concepts are defined
• answers all parts of the question in sufficient depth
• absence of significant factual errors
• addresses key points/issues

arguments are supported by relevant research/literature:

• references are appropriate academic sources
• use of sufficient/key references (evidence of broader reading than required reading from course materials)
• integration of information from a variety of sources within body of essay (minimum 12 scholarly/academic Australian journal Article sources)
• evidence of critical evaluation of sources that referenced
essay structure:

• introduction (purpose, points to be covered, main conclusion reached)
• body (logical flow of ideas and material)
• conclusion (summarises/reiterates all main points covered in the essay body)
• appropriate structure: addresses all required aspects of the assignment in a logical format
written style:

• written in own words (quotes not overly used)
• appropriate academic writing style (writing not overly colloquial)
• technical accuracy (grammar, spelling, and punctuation)
• APA formatting , (page numbers, margins, headings, paragraphs, spacing etc)
• APA referencing (in-text referencing and reference list)
• length (parsimonious writing and within 10% of the word limit).

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