Principal of Finance

Principal of Finance
financial journal (with attached stock table) to your clients discussing your current positions. You are updating your clients about the stock portfolio based on current financial market and economic conditions in recent weeks.You will be discussing your stock portfolio in light of the topics we discussed related to the Federal Reserve. their actions, the financial market’s expectations of what the Fed may do, and the current economic conditions.Please read and review the latest FOMC release following their March 14-15 meeting on the Federal Reserve website. Find articles by financial experts that discuss the Fed’s decision and any impact it may have onthe stock market. You will discuss your preferences, your past performancesince your last financial journal and note any major changes to selections, performance and such. What positions did particularly well and what did not do well and why, and what expectations you have for this portfolio in the future.

Please look to the following questions below to guide your discussion in your financial journal:

1. In reading the latest FOMC decision, and any analysis that was provided in financial articles you read about the FED action, discuss key points. What economicor inflation indicators helped the FED make their decision. Please explain what the indicator is, is it a leading, lagging or coincident indicator and why it is important.
2. How has stock portfolio done since your purchases? How is your stock portfolio doing compared to the market based on the S & P 500?Which stock performed the best in your portfolio, and why? Discuss any important financial events for this stock. You will need to do research and provide your sources.
3. Which stock performed the worst in your portfolio and why? Discuss why you believe it
was negatively impacted by doing research, and provided sources.
4. Provide a works cited section for sources of information that you used to keep up on the stock market and your stock portfolio.

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