Presentation Assignment 2

Presentation Assignment 2

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This assignment is the answer for “how you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer, of course, is “practice”! In this assignment, we provide you with the opportunity to deliver a presentation on a subject that is of interest to you in a setting where you have as many tries as you like to achieve the desired level of presentation. And the next time you need to make a presentation in a virtual environment (almost a sure thing in this world of technical communications), you’ll know what it feels like and you’ll be ready.

Role and Audience

You are: any AVI group supervisor (from any department)
Your audience is: the AVI Management Committee


As an AVI group supervisor (you pick the group) prepare a five-minute presentation to pitch a new project to the AVI Management Committee, which is funding internal overhead research and development (R&D) to challenge the employees of AVI to think creatively and constructively about potential work for AVI.

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