preparation of nurses for psychological support of survivors of disaster


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Address the following points in an essay
– Introduction on disasters and its psychological effect on the community
– Mental health impacts of disasters
– Nursing psychosocial care relates to both the psychosocial and mental health needs of the community
– Psychosocial or mental health wellbeing of nurses who assist in disasters
– Psychological Care (use some of this items if related to nursing)
(1) Describes the phases of psychological response to disaster and expected behavioural responses.
(2) Understands the psychological impact of disasters on adults, children, families, vulnerable populations and communities.
(3) Provides appropriate psychological support for survivors and responders.
(4) Uses therapeutic relationships effectively in a disaster situation.
(5) Identifies an individual’s behavioural responses to the disaster and provides appropriate interventions as required (e.g. psychological first aid).
(6) Differentiates between adaptive responses to the disaster and maladaptive responses.
(7) Applies appropriate mental health interventions and initiates referrals as required.
(8) Identifies appropriate coping strategies for survivors, families and responders.
(9) Identifies survivors and responders requiring additional mental health nursing support and refers to appropriate resources.


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