Preparation for employment

Topic: Preparation for employment
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The purpose of this assign is for the learner to practice and apply skills to secure employment in a health -care setting as a graduate practical nurse.

1. Make own philosophy of nursing and state values.
2. Ensure a wide range of artefacts are included which demonstrate your knowledge,skill and attributes. Include explanations as to why the chosen artefacts were submitted. Artefacts should be relevant and illustrate the required elements in the table contents.
a.) Continuing Competency : Identify areas of priority for education and training you will be focusing on in your first year as a practical nurse. Utilize the CPLNA website for information on Continuing Competency requirements and include two(2) specific competencies ( IV initiation and Insertion of Indwelling Cathether)
3. Leadership and mentoring- description of opportunities I had to display leadership and mentoring throughout the program
4. Do study CPNRE Study plan- provide an outline of study plan and anticipated exam writing date ( tentative exam date… September 2016)
5. Continuing Competency – Identify a minimum of 2 competencies to focus on for education and training in first year of nursing ( you can create and I can follow … thank you )

We can use the “Building a Personal and Career Portfolio as references… Thank you..

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