PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

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Power Point Slide Presentation
no more than 8-10 slides._________________________________________________________________________________

Task: For this assignment, each of you will select the best solution (or only solution) from your Feasibility Study and prepare a slide presentation of key points concerning its implementation. Slides should follow this general organization and guidelines:
An introduction that is at least 4-5 bulleted points outlining main problem
Slide(s) that detail possible solutions
Feasibility problems-pros/cons- for each.
A Slide detailing the best solution and why.
A Final recommendation.
You should also integrate slides that show important and attention-getting visuals.________________________________________________________________________________

Grading Rubric:
Follows all guidelines and sections above
Adequately and efficiently uses visuals
Adheres to language and rhetoric restrictions for slide presentations
Keeps presentation free from grammatical errors.
Tells a coherent and cohesive “story” pictorially. ______________________________________________________________________________________

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